Below are the results of a survey, administered during the first day of class (Feb. 14, 2013), asking students in the course about their usage of social media and related tools and online services. There were 13 responses to the survey.

Which of the following words best describes your social media behavior?

active 	 	 8 (61.5%)
addicted 	 2 (15.4%)
lurker 	 	 2 (15.4%)
outsider 	 1 (7.7%)
clueless 	 0 (0%)

For each of the sites, tools, or services listed below, select the option that best describes your usage of it.

 	 	 Average Score (Scale of 1-6)
Facebook 	 	 5.85
Twitter 	 	 5.00
YouTube 	 	 5.00
Gmail 	 	 	 4.85
Google Maps 	 	 4.75
Instagram 	 	 4.62
Skype 	 	 	 3.85
LinkedIn 	 	 3.31
Flickr 	 	 	 2.85
Tumblr 	 	 	 2.77
Pinterest 	 	 2.54
Foursquare 	 	 2.46
WordPress 	 	 2.46
Google Plus 	 	 2.38
Blogger/Blogspot 	 2.15
TweetDeck 	 	 1.77
Google Reader 	 	 1.69
RSS feeds 	 	 1.62
Google Analytics 	 1.54
HootSuite 	 	 1.46
Storify 	 	 1.08
GetGlue 	 	 1.00

6 = I use it every day.
5 = I use it frequently but not every day.
4 = I use it occasionally.
3 = I've only used it about once or twice.
2 = I'm familiar with it, but I've never used it.
1 = I don't know what it is.

Do you have a smartphone (iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone, etc.) with Internet access?

Yes, often use it to access the Internet. 	 11 (84.6%)
Yes, but rarely use it to access the Internet. 	 2 (15.4%)
No. 	 	 	 	 	 	 0 (0%)

Do you have a cellphone or smartphone that allows you to take photos?

Yes, often use it to take photos. 	 	 13 (100%)
Yes, but rarely use it to take photos. 	 	 0 (0%)
No. 	 	 	 	 	 	 0 (0%)

Do you have a cellphone or smartphone that allows you to record video?

Yes, often use it to record video. 	 	 12 (92.3%)
Yes, rarely use it to record video. 	 	 1 (7.7%)
No. 	 	 	 	 	 	 0 (0%)

Is your laptop a PC or a Mac?

My laptop is a PC. 	 	 	 	 8 (61.5%)
My laptop is a Mac. 	 	 	 	 1 (7.7%)
I have both Mac and PC, prefer using the PC. 	 2 (15.4%)
I have both Mac and PC, prefer using the Mac. 	 2 (15.4%)

Have you ever …

	 	 	 	 	 Yes 	 	 No
uploaded a photo to a photo
sharing site (such as Flickr
or Picasa) 	 	 	 	 10 (76.9%) 	 3 (23.1%)

posted on the Facebook page
of a company, product, brand,
or organization 	 	 	 10 (76.9%) 	 3 (23.1%)

uploaded a video to a video
sharing site (such as YouTube
or Vimeo) 	 	 	 	 8 (61.5%) 	 5 (38.5%)

posted a comment on a news
website 	 	 	 	 8 (61.5%) 	 5 (38.5%)

used social media on behalf
of a client 	 	 	 	 8 (61.5%) 	 5 (38.5%)

posted to a blog as part of
a class, job, or
internship 	 	 	 	 4 (30.8%) 	 9 (69.2%)

created a personal blog 	 	 3 (23.1%) 	 10 (76.9%)

posted a comment on someone
else's blog 	 	 	 	 3 (23.1%) 	 10 (76.9%)

used social media to help
obtain a job or
internship 	 	 	 	 3 (23.1%) 	 10 (76.9%)

Why did you decide to sign up for this class?

A sampling of responses:

I think it's a class that's going to be super useful
in my field.

social media is becoming a huge part of journalism and PR.
if i want to succeed in my craft I have to master it. 

The subject matter seems interesting. The ability to
communicate with people through several different media
is extremely useful, both personally and professionally. 

As a PR major, I recognize the growth of social media
in the industry. I am about to start job hunting and
need to become much more familiar with the different
mediums used in PR. I am eager to learn more about
social media.

It seemed like an interesting class that is extremely
relevant to today's world.

What is your learning goal for this semester? In other words, what do you hope to get out of this class?

A sampling of responses:

I would like to learn about how social media affects
our everyday life and how it is revolutionizing
our world.

I want to take an in-depth look at something that
controls my life. 

I hope to learn how to strategically create content
using social media and how to develop my own person
branding through blogging and other social media

I hope to become more familiar with different types
of social media (other than Facebook).

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