Next week, you’ll be participating in a Twitter scavenger hunt where you’ll gather information from various people and sites on campus and then post it on Twitter. At least 13 schools in the U.S. and one in Egypt are participating. It should be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to promote Seton Hall and to interact with students from other schools.

Several schools did the hunt yesterday (Thursday). We’re doing it a little later than most because our class meets once a week on Monday nights. But that gives you one big advantage: You can see what the other schools have already done. Check out the hashtag #JRLWeb to read some of the tweets. Next week, you’ll be adding your tweets to the mix.

To prepare for this, I’ll have you set up Twitter accounts Monday night in class. If you already have a personal Twitter account, you’ll need to create another one (I’ll explain why). But you’re always free to retweet and promote the scavenger hunt on your personal account.

Don’t forget the readings and the Challenge assignment on reader comments for Monday (Will there be another quiz on Monday? Crystal ball says, “Very likely”). I’ll be returning grades and feedback on the first Challenge assignment by email later today or over the weekend.


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