I’ve given you a grade and feedback on Challenge 1 via email. Check your inbox. It was fun reading all of your posts, which raised a lot of issues worth thinking about. Also, I’ve commented on your posts. If you haven’t already, change the settings in WordPress so that comments appear automatically and don’t have to go through moderation. See the post on the course blog from earlier this week for details. Comments are meaningless if they just sit around waiting to be approved and never show up on your blog.

Some of you still need to give your blogs a title and tagline that fit the content and tone of the blog. When I open your blog, I don’t want to see “jsmith237: This WordPress blog is the cat’s pajamas!”

Don’t forget that Challenge 2 on commenting is due at noon Monday. There are two parts to the assignment: analyzing some reader comments and then doing some commenting yourself. Remember to print out a hard copy of the two comments that you made and turn that in Monday night during class. Review the instructions posted here on the course blog to make sure you don’t forget any steps.

Today’s a big social media day with the SuperBowl. Some guides to following the Bowl-related action on social media can be found here and here. If you’re not into the game but you’re into the commercials, Twitter has set up a special Ad Scrimmage account and web page where you can watch, vote, and tweet your favorite Super Bowl commercial.

See you Monday evening.


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