I’m lovin’ the scavenger hunt tweets! Keep up the good work!

For the blog post, make sure that you embed the tweets within the post. Follow the instructions listed here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/twitter/twitter-embeds/. Do NOT use the “embed” option within Twitter. It won’t work because it will give you scripting commands that WordPress can’t handle. You MUST follow the instructions at the link above. If you do, your tweets should like this:

If your tweets don’t end up looking like that, you’re doing it wrong. The key is to the paste the URL for the tweet on a line all by itself (with no formatting) in the WordPress editor.

Also, it seems that sometimes the tweets won’t show up unless you’re writing and editing your blog post from within the Dashboard (don’t know why). DON’T click on the “New post” link at the top to create your post. Click on the Dashboard on the left, and then select Posts > Add New.

Edited to add: Here’s Heather and Katia’s blog post. This is what your blog post should look like (you can use either team member’s blog for the post). Notice how the tweets and the replies are embedded. For the five favorite tweets from other schools, you can either embed those too, or simply link to them.


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