Because of the weather, I’m giving you an extra day to finish the Twitter scavenger hunt. You now have until noon Tuesday, Feb. 12, to finish. The extra-credit policies (2 points for finishing by noon Friday, 2 points to the team that generates the best engagement/conversation) still apply.

Also, I’m giving you an opportunity for more extra credit: If you post at least four storm-related tweets to your Twitter account, using the hashtag #Nemo, by the end of the weekend, you’ll get 4 extra-credit bonus points. Here’s the catch: They have to be four meaningful, substantive tweets (“I hate snow!” “I love snow!” “Look at all the snow!” don’t count). Also, retweets don’t count. Also, you can’t “double dip”: You can’t count one of your scavenger hunt tweets as a storm tweet.

Stay safe!


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