In class last week, we discussed blogging and the need to find a new, narrow topic if you want to succeed as a blogger. Some of you may be familiar with Pitchfork, the popular indie music site. In this interview with Mediabistro, the CEO of Pitchfork, Ryan Schreiber (@ryanpitchfork) discusses how he turned the site from a crazy idea he had back in the mid-1990s into one of the most authoritative sources in the music industry.

Here’s an excerpt with his advice to bloggers:

What two pieces of advice would you give to a blogger or entrepreneur who is interested in starting an online venture?
Distinguish yourself. Make sure that your voice is independent and unique and that your opinions on your subject vary from the other voices that exist in that field and that your area of expertise is specific to you, and you’re not just out there covering the exact same things that everybody else is in the same way. Just be unique and have an independent voice.

And the other thing I would say is to be willing to put in the work for a long period of time for just the love of it. Today, more so than any other time, it seems really difficult to make a living in the media, especially in the music media. It’s just so crowded, and at this point the publications that are really able to establish themselves are the ones that are the most passionate and the most relatable. I find that the publications I tend to connect with most are ones that are, in many cases, written by a single voice, somebody who has a really interesting viewpoint or perspective.

Read the full interview.


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