Sorry about last night. It turns out that Brian Donohue thought the class was Tuesday. But he’s agreed to reschedule for next week, so he’ll speak at the start of next week’s class.

Twitter chat: This week’s challenge assignment requires you to participate in a live Twitter chat. If you look at the list of recommended chats in the instructions for the assignment, you’ll see that many of the best ones are today (Tuesday) or Wednesday. Check the dates and times and plan accordingly. Follow the links to learn more about the chats. Start planning now. Don’t wait until the weekend to start thinking about this assignment or you’ll be in trouble.

Twitter accounts: Feel free to tweet about social media, technology, PR, journalism, etc., if you come across something that you think the rest of us might be interested in. Go ahead and use your Twitter account or blog to post other things besides the assignments, as long as it’s somehow relevant to the course and not just personal stuff.

Extra credit: I gave 4 extra credit points to those of you who sent 4 tweets about Nemo when the storm hit. If you didn’t get the points, it may be because you only sent retweets, not original tweets. As I said in the instructions, retweets don’t count.

Scavenger Hunt: I’ll be emailing you (probably later today or tomorrow) with your grades on the Scavenger Hunt.


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