Hope you’ve all had a good spring break. Unfortunately, it’s back to work for Monday.

First, a reminder that Challenge 6 is due at 6 p.m. Monday (I’m giving you a few extra hours this week). For this assignment, you’re evaluating Carnival Cruise’s use of Twitter to respond to a PR crisis, and you’re identifying four journalists on Twitter who would be good targets for Carnival to pitch. See the blog post for more details. Submit the assignment as a Word attachment (no blog post this time) in an email to COJR3002@gmail.com by 6 p.m. Monday.

Also, be sure to complete the assigned readings on mobile reporting and live blogging/live tweeting:

During Monday’s class, you will need your laptops because we’ll be doing some in-class practice in liveblogging and live tweeting that will be graded. And we’ll start class with Katia and Anthony’s case study presentation.

See you Monday.


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