A few words about this Monday’s class:

Alex Torpey, South Orange village president, won’t be able to make it because he’s delivering his State of the Village address that night. But I’m hoping to reschedule his visit for sometime next month.

We’ll begin with Matt and Natalie’s case study presentation.

Be sure to do the assigned reading on social networking sites. There will be a quiz Monday. The quiz will cover the readings, plus there may be a couple of questions about live blogging and live tweeting from last week’s class. You’ll be able to use any notes. The reading for Monday includes excerpts from the book “The Facebook Effect.” Those excerpts, which are posted to the Readings folder of the course Blackboard site, discuss the history of social networking. You’re not expected to memorize dates and people’s names (although you should know who Mark Zuckerberg is), but you should know a little bit about which sites were the pioneers that set the stage for Facebook. Also, you should know what is meant by the “gift economy” and how that relates to Facebook. In addition to those readings posted on Blackboard, there are two web readings:

Lavrusik mentions some things journalists can do with Facebook pages. You should be able to name some of them. The Peters article says journalists “should not surrender to the Walmarts of the web.” You should know what he means by “the Walmarts of the web” and what his main argument is.

Don’t forget about the Challenge 7 assignment (Tweet Week), due Monday, and the Challenge 8 assignment (Live tweeting an event) due Wed., March 27. If you’re planning to live tweet an off-campus or televised event for Challenge 8, email me at kyle.heim@shu.edu and let me know ahead of time so I can approve it.

Finally, I’ve posted the PowerPoint from last week’s class on live blogging and live tweeting in Blackboard (in a folder called PowerPoints).


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