For Monday’s class, make sure you have done the readings on photo and video sharing:

There will be a quiz. You should be generally familiar with what Instagram and Pinterest are and some of the ways they can be used by journalists and PR professionals. You should also be aware of the concerns or criticisms that some photojournalists have about Instagram in particular. From the reading on “YouTube & news,” you should understand which types of news videos were found to be the most popular on YouTube and what the study concluded about the relationship between journalists and citizens on YouTube.

Also, don’t forget to finish Challenge 9, the social media release assignment. It’s due at noon Monday. The handout was distributed in class and is posted on Blackboard. Read it carefully and make sure you’re not forgetting any steps. Your release needs to be created on the Pressitt website. Let me know if you’re having any problems with the site.

We’ll begin Monday’s class with Phil and Connor’s case study presentation.


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