Don’t forget that Challenge 11 (“Using Storify as a Curation Tool”) is due by noon Monday. Email me when you are finished with a link to your blog post, which in turn contains a link to your Storify. Double-check to make sure the link works. Make sure that your Storify contains not only social media content but also transitions. Here’s an example of a Storify story about the Boston Marathon bombing arrest, put together by the Canadian Broadcasting Company. Note how it uses text to break up the social media. For your own Storify story, do NOT use the Boston bombing as a topic (but we may discuss it in class).

Also, complete the assigned reading on data, Web analytics, and geolocation tools:

There will be a quiz Monday. I know the readings cover a lot of material. Here are some things you should be familiar with: What are some of the things you would measure in order to track the success of social media efforts by journalists or PR professionals? What are some ways that journalists and PR professionals can use geolocation tools and map mashups? What are “web analytics” and “benchmarks”? What’s the difference between pageviews, visits, and unique visitors? What is engagement? What are referrers? Landing pages? “Gripe sites”? What do acronyms such as SEO and ROI stand for, and what do they mean?


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