This in-class assignment is worth a total of 10 points.

Please do each of the following. Send me an email at when you are done:

1. Create a Google Map and then embed it in a post to your WordPress blog – 5 points:

The map must contain the following four points. For each point, include a brief sentence of description. You may want to delete the photos for the various cities if they are in the description field and replace them with your text. Please use the colors indicated for the pins or markers:

  • Birth city (blue): The city where you were born
  • Where I grew up (yellow): The city where you grew up, or a city where you have lived.
  • Interesting city (green): The most interesting city you have visited.
  • Dream city (red/pink): A city you haven’t seen but would love to visit or live in.

Create a brief WordPress blog post with a short introduction and the map embedded. Make sure that all four points show up on the map. In the email you send me, provide a link to the post.

2. Repeat the process again for the class collaborative map, “COJR 3002: Cities Map.” Again, add the four cities to the map. This time, however, you will need to add your name to the Title field for each of the four cities so that we can distinguish your cities from other students’ cities. For example, the title field might say, “John D.: Birth city,” and the description might say, “I was born in South Orange, NJ.” You will see that I have already added my cities to the map. You can use my format as a guide. This time, you don’t have to create a blog post. Just add your information and click “Save” when you are done. – 5 points

When you are done, email me at


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