I’ve returned via email my comments and grades on your project proposals. A great mix of interesting topics! I’ve noted that some of you are proposing social media elements that might be too ambitious to do in a couple of weeks, such as creating Facebook pages for an organization or event. If it’s something that you couldn’t realistically pull off in a couple of weeks (or something that you wouldn’t be able to maintain once the semester is over), I’m willing to consider letting you submit a detailed PROPOSAL for that element, rather than actually executing it. If you have questions about the projects, we can address them on Monday.

Monday’s class will begin with case study presentations from Miguel, Amrita, and Kay; and Amber and Janay. Then we will do some online detective work related to some recent cases like the Boston bombing. We’ll discuss strategies for separating good information from bad.

Monday’s class will include the last quiz. It will cover the three assigned readings below. You’re not responsible for memorizing every detail of these readings. Just make sure that you have a general understanding of the central ideas. For example, what does Rosen mean when he says, “The web means the end of forgetting”? What does Ingram mean when he says, “This is just the way the news works now?” And if you view a photo or tweet online, what are some ways that you might go about verifying it?

Finally, a reminder that there will be NO CLASS on Monday, May 6. Use that extra time to work on your projects. We will meet Monday, May 13, for presentation of your projects.


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