This optional assignment is an opportunity to earn up to 10 points of extra credit:

Create an informative blog post (about 350 – 500 words) on your WordPress blog about a topic related to social media and journalism and/or public relations. In the blog post, you must cite at least two of the assigned course readings from the semester (the textbooks or any of the online readings). Don’t simply mention the readings; incorporate ideas from the readings into your post. Don’t rehash one of your earlier blog posts. This post must be new and original.

When you are finished, email me at with a link to your post. I must receive the email no later than the end of the day (midnight) Monday, May 6, in order for you to receive extra credit.

You will earn up to 10 points, based on the quality of the post (the informational value; the strength of your arguments; adherence to the rules of good blogging; proper spelling and grammar). This is an opportunity for those of you who may have missed a challenge assignment or had some low quiz scores to make up some of those lost points. If you are satisfied with your grades on the quizzes and challenge assignments, this assignment probably isn’t worth the extra time.


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