These are the teams for the Twitter scavenger hunt:

  • Jacqueline O’Donnell, Amanda Boyer
  • Brecken Swanberg, Regan Newcomb
  • John Sullivan, Kelsey Foy
  • Ryan Bonner, Elicia Buonocore
  • Gloryeanne Lindenmuth, Ashley Bezik
  • Marinna McDermott, Christine Ambriano
  • Rich Williams, Elisa Kupelian
  • Katherine Conlin, Brittany Jackson, Christopher Orihuela

Remember that you’re representing Seton Hall, so let’s show the rest of the Twitterverse what makes Seton Hall great!

This challenge is due by noon Tuesday, Feb. 11, but it is going to take some time, so you need to connect with your partner(s) and get started. The weather may turn ugly tomorrow (Wednesday), so you might lose that day. Most of the other schools are doing the scavenger hunt this week, and some have already finished. Search for the #JRLWeb hashtag to view the other schools’ tweets.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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