This challenge is due at noon Friday, March 7.


For this challenge, you will follow at least 30 accounts on Twitter and create lists to organize them. Also, you will participate in a live Twitter chat and then blog about the experience.


Follow at least 30 accounts on Twitter, including:

  • Me (@SHUsocialmedia) and all 16 of your classmates. Here’s a list of your classmates.
  • The authors of both the Journalism Next and The New Rules of Marketing & PR textbooks.
  • At least one official Seton Hall account. This must be an organizational account (such as the main Seton Hall account) set up by the university, NOT an account for an individual student or faculty member.
  • At least one Seton Hall student media account, such as WSOU, The Setonian or Pirate TV. This must be the main account, not the account of an individual student.
  • At least two non-Seton Hall news organizations, such as the accounts of newspapers, TV stations’ news divisions or news shows, wire services, or online news sites. These must be organizational accounts, NOT the accounts of individual reporters, editors, anchors, etc.
  • At least seven Twitter accounts related to public relations, advertising, journalism, social media, and/or digital media. It’s fine if a few of these are individual journalists or PR professionals (especially if they are journalists or PR pros who are social media “stars”), but several of them should be the accounts of organizations, bloggers, or individuals who think about and write about the journalism/PR/advertising/social media/digital media industries. You might want to follow the Twitter accounts for some of the the bloggerss in your blogroll. If you need inspiration, a Google search will turn up several “journalism/PR accounts that students should follow” types of lists.
  • You’re obviously free to follow others who don’t fit these categories, IN ADDITION to the 30.

Organize the Twitter accounts you’re following into public lists:

  • Read about Twitter lists: 8 tips for using Twitter lists
  • Create a public Twitter list, and add me and all of your classmates to that list.
  • Create at least two more public Twitter lists, and add followers to each one.

Participate in a live Twitter chat:

  • Participate in a live Twitter chat related to PR, advertising, journalism, and/or social media (see the list of recommended chats at the bottom of this post). I recommend you use the TweetChat site to participate and post. Check out the hashtag and do a little reading up on the chat (some chats have their own special rules or style) beforehand to prepare.
  • Post at least two tweets during the live chat, using the appropriate hashtag (the hashtag associated with the chat, NOT the SHUsocialmedia hashtag) and the Twitter account you’ve created for this course. DO NOT RETWEET. Retweets don’t count. Two tweets is the bare minimum. Feel free to post more tweets.
  • Follow the ongoing conversation. Select your two favorite tweets posted by others during the chat. These should be two tweets that you found especially interesting or insightful. You might want to “favorite” them during the chat you don’t have to go back and find them again later.

Reflect on the Twitter chat in a post on your WordPress blog:

  • Give your post an interesting, descriptive title (DON’T call it “Twitter chat” or “Challenge 5”).
  • Mention the chat in which you participated and include a link to the hashtag (Do a Twitter search for the hashtag, and then link to the search results page). Briefly discuss what you learned from the chat and what the experience was like.
  • Embed all of the tweets you posted during the chat into your blog post. Forgotten how to embed tweets? Here are the instructions again.
  • Embed your two favorite tweets from others. Also, explain why you chose these tweets. What made them interesting or insightful?

Submitting the assignment

Send an email to, no later than noon Monday, March 7, with a link to your blog post. (I will also check your Twitter profile to see your lists and the accounts you’re following.)


This challenge is worth 20 points:

  • Your participation in the Twitter chat (10 points): Did you post at least two good, relevant tweets during the live chat and embed them properly in your blog post? NOTE: To get the full 10 points, you might want to post MORE than the required two tweets. If your tweets were not posted during the live chat, you will not receive more than 4 points here. If the chat you participated in was not related to PR, journalism, advertising, or social media, you will not receive more than 6 points here.
  • Reflection on the Twitter chat (5 points): Did you provide an effective summary of the chat and what you learned from it? Did you include two good tweets posted by others, and did you embed them properly in your blog post?
  • Twitter following and lists (5 points): Are you following at least 30 Twitter accounts and have you created at least three public Twitter lists, as outlined above?

List of recommended chats

Here are some chat possibilities. NOTE: DOUBLE-CHECK THE DATES AND TIMES before participating (check out the hashtags, the websites and Twitter accounts for more information). Chats are often canceled or rescheduled at the last minute. When looking at times, PAY ATTENTION TO TIME ZONES.

#PRStudChat (PR students)

#NPPRSA (PRSA New Professionals)

  • Monthly chat on the latest trends in public relations, digital media, and marketing with new PR professionals
  • Time: Thursday, March 6, at 9 p.m. ET
  • Website: – Check this site for details about the upcoming chat and highlights of past chats
  • More info. on Twitter from: @PRSANewPros

#blogchat (Blogging)

#SMCHAT (Social media)

  • “Exploring the possibilities of social media.” The topic for the third Wednesday of each month (Feb. 19) is marketing with moderator @sharonmostyn. The topic for the fourth Wednesday of each month (Feb. 26) is social change with moderator @sourcePOV. The topic for the first Wednesday of each month (March 5) is mobility, with several moderators.
  • Time: Wednesdays at 1 p.m. ET
  • Website: — There might be a post with more details about the upcoming chats and maybe a list of questions that will be discussed.

#wjchat (Web journalists)

#RaganSocial (Ragan Communications)

  • Weekly chat about social media in the communications field, moderated by the social media director at Ragan Communications/PR Daily
  • Time: Wednesdays at 4 p.m. ET
  • More info. on Twitter from: @SamHosenkamp

#TheSMGirl (Social Media Girl)

#PRprochat (PR pros)

#brandchat (Branding)

#DFMchat (Digital First Media — journalism-related)

If none of the above dates and times works for you, check out the TweetChat calendar for other possibilities. But DOUBLE-CHECK dates and times. Also, you may be able to find other Twitter chats by doing a Twitter or Google search. But the chat must be related to PR, advertising, journalism, or social media. If it’s not, YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY LOSE 4 POINTS, meaning the best grade you can receive on the assignment is 16 points, which is a B-.

If you forget to participate in a live chat, you can still post two tweets using the hashtag after the chat is over (you will see some people tweeting with the hashtags throughout the week). But it’s like showing up for a party after everybody has left. AND YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY LOSE 6 POINTS, meaning that the best grade you can receive on the assignment is 14 points, which is a low C.


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