Challenge 5 assignment: Even though the Challenge 5 assignment is not due until noon Friday, March 7, you need to start thinking about it now (if you haven’t already). You need to participate in a Twitter chat related to PR, advertising, journalism, or social media. I’ve given you several possibilities. These chats (which generally last about an hour or a little longer) only happen on designated days at designated times. Find a chat that fits your schedule. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Monday’s class: For Monday’s class, there is reading to do: a chapter in the Scott textbook and a reading online on Mashable. Check the schedule. There may be a quiz, which may also include a few questions on some of the stuff about blogs that we discussed in class last week. There will be two case study presentations on Monday: Brecken and Regan, and Elisa and Rich.


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