I hope everyone is having a good spring break.

Alex Torpey, the South Orange village president and a new media consultant, will speak and answer questions during the first half of class on Monday. Torpey is one of the youngest mayors in the state and the country, and also one of the most social media-savvy. He uses social media extensively in his work. In preparation for his visit, please check out his website, his LinkedIn profile, his Twitter account, and this 2011 profile story, “The Social Media Mayor.” Please show up on time and come to class with at least one or two questions that you are prepared to ask him. I may have you live tweet his visit.

In addition, make sure you have done the assigned reading on social networking sites: the chapter in the Scott textbook and the web reading. See the schedule for details. A quiz is likely. Also, don’t forget that there are two challenge assignments that will be due over the next few weeks: Challenge 6 (the proposal for your social media project), and Challenge 7 (live tweeting an event). We will discuss those assignments in more detail during class on Monday.


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