This challenge must be completed, and a link to the Vine video must be posted in a message to the Google+ community, by noon Monday. April 14.


You will create and share a Vine video to promote or publicize some aspect of the Department of Communication and the Arts. You will link to the Vine video in a post to the Google+ community.


Together with your partner(s), create a Vine video (6 seconds or less) that promotes or publicizes some aspect of the Department of Communication and the Arts. The video can be broad, such as an overview of the department designed to recruit new majors or prospective freshmen. It can be narrow, such as a video focusing on a particular event, student organization, or class. The video even can be so narrow as to focus on a noteworthy event or accomplishment involving a single student, faculty, or staff member. It’s your choice. Creativity will be rewarded.

Plan and visualize your video before you start recording. You have a lot of flexibility, but here are a few rules and guidelines:

  • The video should tell a story. Good stories generally have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Yes, it’s hard to tell a story in 6 seconds, but that’s the beauty and the challenge of Vine.
  • The video must incorporate at least two different shots/sequences (can be many more than that).
  • You may include yourself and/or your partner in the video, but only if you think that’s the best way to tell the story. The main focus of the video should be the aspect of the department you are promoting or publicizing. The video shouldn’t scream “Look at me!”
  • Do not include other students in this class in your video (unless they are lurking in the background of a shot). You definitely may include students within the department, but not your fellow students in this class.
  • Have fun!

I’m not necessarily expecting technical brilliance or dazzling special effects. I’m the most concerned about how effectively the video conveys the story you are trying to tell.

Technical stuff/help

You can log in and view Vines on the Vine website, but you will need to download the Vine app for your smartphone in order to record your video.

Some helpful links that explain Vine and provide tips on shooting videos:

Posting the assignment

When you are done recording, add a caption and an appropriate hashtag and share the video on Vine.

Next, post a message to the SHUsocialmedia Google+ community with a link to your video. The message must be posted by noon Monday, April 14.When composing the Google+ message, select the category Vine Videos for the To: field. In addition to the link, include in your Google+ post a description of the video (about 2 to 4 sentences) containing any necessary background information about the aspect of the department featured in the video and any additional information that is needed for the viewer to make sense of the video.

To get a URL for linking, click the 3 dots underneath your video on Vine and select the option that says either “Embed,” “Share” or “Share This Post.” This should either allow you to share it directly to Google+ or should give you URL code to use for linking. If you’re having trouble linking through the app on your phone, you can log in to the Vine website, find your video, and get the link there. Google+ won’t embed the actual video, but it will allow you to link to it.

If you want to share the video on other social media (your Twitter account, your WordPress blog, etc.), feel free to do so. But you are only required to post to the Google+ community.


Here are the teams for the challenge:

Ashley and Ryan

Brittany and Katherine

Glo and Jacqueline

Chris and Regan

Marinna and Elicia

Rich and Brecken

Amanda and Christine

Elisa, John, and Kelsey


This challenge is worth 20 points.  I will provide feedback to each team, but your grade will be determined by your classmates’ votes. We will watch the videos in class on Monday, April 14, and each of you will vote for the top four. Points will be totaled, and grades will be awarded as follows:

  • 1st place = 20 points (A)
  • 2nd and 3rd place = 19 points (A)
  • 4th and 5th place = 18 points (A-)
  • 6th, 7th, and 8th = 17 points (B)

If there are ties, my vote will be the tie-breaker. If you don’t submit a video by the deadline, you will not be eligible for voting and will not receive any more than 16 points (or zero points if the video is submitted more than 48 hours late).


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