Maps can be an important part of a social media strategy, especially for events or organizations where location is important. Here are some examples of the use of maps to help tell a story:

Shootings and car carjacking related to the Boston Marathon bombing

Locations of hurricane evacuation centers


This in-class assignment is worth a total of 10 points.

1. Create a Google Map and then embed it in a post to your WordPress blog – 5 points:

The map must contain these 3 points. For each point, include a brief sentence of description. Please use the colors indicated for the markers:

  • Where I grew up (blue): The city where you grew up, or a city where you have lived.
  • Interesting city (green): The most interesting city you have visited (it could be a place where you lived or where you went on vacation).
  • Dream city (red): A city you haven’t seen but would love to visit or live in.

Give your map a title (Change “Untitled map” to an actual title) and a brief description. Also, change “Untitled layer” to something more useful (such as “Cities”).

To make your map embeddable, click the green “Share” button and make sure “Who has access” is set to “Public on the web”  with access “can view.” Next, click the folder icon on the left of your map and select “Embed on my site.” Copy the HTML code.

Create a short WordPress blog post with a title and brief introduction (can be just a couple of sentences) and the map embedded. Embed the map by pasting the HTML code into a line all by itself as you write your post. Preview your post to see how it looks. If the map looks weird (or if all 3 cities don’t fit within the map), you might want to tinker with the HTML code and change the “width” number near the end of the code to a smaller number such as 550 or 500 (instead of 640). This might cause the map legend to disappear, but it might make it easier to see all 3 cities within the embedded map.

Publish the post to your blog.

2. Repeat the process again for the class collaborative map, “COJR 3002 Cities.” Again, add the three cities to the map. Use a blue marker for the city where you grew up, a green marker for the interesting city, and a red marker for the dream city. This map is a little different, however. It is divided into three “layers” — cities where we grew up, interesting cities, and dream cities. You will first need to select the appropriate layer on the left before you add each city (or it may end up in the wrong layer). Also, you will need to add your name to the title for each of the cities so that we can distinguish your cities from everyone else’s. For example, the title might say “John: South Orange, NJ.” You can use my format as a guide. Again, give each city a title and a brief sentence of description. This time, you don’t have to create a blog post. Just add your information to the map. – 5 points


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