Seton Hall University students in COJR 3002 (Special Topics: Social Media in Journalism and Public Relations) for Spring 2014 were given the challenge of producing a 6-second Vine video. The objective: to publicize or promote some aspect of the Department of Communication and the Arts — either the overall department or a specific program, organization, course, etc. The students also selected the top videos. Here are the results:


1st Place: Brittany Jackson and Katherine Conlin

Seton Hall University prides itself on its success of the Department of Communication and the Arts. The professors and faculty of the department ensure that the students strive in their academics by making themselves available both inside and outside of the classroom. One way they do this is through their office hours. But when students don’t utilize this resource to their fullest ability, these educators tend to make excellent use of their spare time.


2nd Place: John Sullivan, Kelsey Foy, Elisa Kupelian

Here at Seton Hall, the members of the Department of Communication and the Arts are on a mission. A mission to turn thriving SHU Pirates into successful communications professionals.

With a bundle of resources to choose from, it is nearly impossible to not learn and receive the necessary tools to do well in this field. Check out our fun Vine video to see how a Seton Hall student’s life was changed!


3rd Place: Amanda Boyer and Christine Ambriano

The Setonian is the official college newspaper here at Seton Hall and a member of the New Jersey Press Association. The paper’s adviser is Dr. Nyberg, and 16 hard-working journalism, public relations, and communication students work together to create it.  The award-winning paper comes out every Thursday of each week, so why not take a flip through?


Marinna McDermott and Elicia Buonocore

Here at Seton Hall University, a day in the life of a communication student almost always begins in Fahy Hall. This is the home of all communication skills and where these students attend most of their classes. Here students can visit the graphic design lab, television studio, or just hang out in the Fahy lobby and read The Setonian.


Chris Orihuela and Regan Newcomb

Welcome to Basic Video Technique! In this class, students learn how to create and edit videos using iMovie. In our Vine, the class is watching a student-made video and working with the iMovie app. The class is taught by Professor Skorynkiewicz in the television studio.


Jacqueline O’Donnell and Gloryeanne Lindenmuth

Students and faculty of the PR program talk about the buzzwords of the PR world. The public relations track at Seton Hall stresses a thorough understanding of media as social institutions. Through the Public Relations Student Society of America, the public relations program recently received its Certification in Education for Public Relations (CEPR).


Ryan Bonner and Ashley Bezik

The Department of Communication and Arts offers so much more than just an education.  Students have the opportunity to participate in plays, clubs such as PRSSA, and even write for the school’s newspaper, The Setonian! We showcase all the possibilities in our Vine.


Brecken Swanberg and Richard Williams

Seton Hall University’s Department of Communication and the Arts offers hundreds of internship opportunities, giving students the chance to gain real-world experience before others ever leave the classroom.  The university has strong ties to many PR and communication agencies, fostering a supportive learning environment both on and off campus. With so much potential for networking and learning, this is definitely where you’ll want to be.



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