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The essential social media acronym glossary


Learn support

Adding links within a WordPress post

Adding images to a WordPress post

Embedding a tweet within a WordPress post

Embedding an Instagram image within a WordPress post

Embedding a YouTube video within a WordPress post

Embedding a Vine video within a WordPress post

Embedding a Google Map within a WordPress post


The beginner’s guide to Facebook (Mashable)

Facebook help center


Getting started on Twitter: #twutorial advice for a friend (The Buttry Diary)

The beginner’s guide to Twitter (Mashable)

The beginner’s guide to Twitter (Michael Hyatt)

Top Twitter abbreviations you need to know (Social Media Today)


The beginner’s guide to Tumblr (Mashable)

Get started on Tumblr in 5 easy steps (Daily Dot)


The beginner’s guide to LinkedIn (Mashable)


Google+: The complete guide (Mashable)

Google+ help


The beginner’s guide to Instagram (Mashable)


Pinterest: A beginner’s guide to the hot new social network (Mashable)

Pinterest: A beginner’s guide (SortaCrunchy)


The beginner’s guide to Vine (Mashable)

How to use Twitter’s Vine to create stop-motion video

Vine – How to use – Tips & tricks


Storify tour

Storify: tutorial, best practices and live examples (Dave Burdick)

Google Maps

Google Map basics (Knight Digital Media Center)


Foursquare 101


What is HTML? (A simple guide to HTML)

HTML cheat sheet (A simple guide to HTML)

Shooting photos and video

Learn how to shoot decent photos (Mindy McAdams)

11 tips for citizen journalists shooting photos (International Journalists’ Network)

Tips for journalists shooting photos: rookie mistakes, pros and cons (International Journalists’ Network)

How to shoot video from a smartphone like a pro (10,000 Words)

Tips for journalists shooting video: shooting and focus (International Journalists’ Network)